Research statement

My research falls broadly in the areas of strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship. Over the past years, I have mainly pursued four streams of research. First, I am interested in how firms can access knowledge from their environment, e.g. from customers, competitors or universities, and recombine it with their internal knowledge to create successful innovations. Second, I have done work on firms’ intellectual property rights (IPRs), their valuation and their trade on markets for technology or markets for corporate control. Third, I have looked at universities, public research organizations¬†and individual university scientists and how they organize their interaction with firms. In that regard, I have investigated different channels of knowledge and technology transfer, scientist mobility, peer effects and the implications of industry funding of public research. Fourth, I am interested in entrepreneurial activities of established firms, particularly in business model innovation and its determinants.¬†I am a quantitative empirical researcher and I have mainly used survey, archival, and register data as a basis for analysis.

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