Industrial funding discourages researchers to be open

Together with my colleagues Dirk Czarnitzki (KU Leuven), Maikel Pellens (ZEW Mannheim) and Andy Toole (US Patent and Trademark Office), I have recently looked into the relationship between the degree to which a university scientist’s research is funded by research and his or her commitment to open science. We have investigated this issue in two papers, published in Industrial and Corporate Change and the Journal of Technology Transfer, and the findings have recently been featured by Research Europe where you can read the full blog article. In a nutshell, we find that industry funding is associated with a delay or even a ban of the publication of research results. Moreover, university scientists receiving industry funding are less open, i.e. they are reluctant to share research materials, data and other inputs, but they are also more likely to be denied access to such research inputs from others. Although entrepreneurial universities are an important policy goal, our results highlight the potentially negative consequences of industry funding.

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