Advocacy groups help solving grand challenge problems

Grand challenges are among the most complex problems for modern societies. Many governments and foundations provide substantial resources to encourage the search for solutions. Due to the significance of these problems, organizations often form partnerships in what we call search consortia to engage in joint search and compete for funding. Prior research on joint search […]

Search strategies can be complementary – but only under certain conditions

Extant research has characterized a firm’s search for external knowledge in its innovation activities as either relational or transactional in nature. The former implies that a firm chooses and develops collaborative relationships with knowledge sources like universities, customers or suppliers, while the latter suggests transactions governed by markets for technology. Together with Wolfgang Sofka of […]

How to measure business model innovation with CIS data?

The Community Innovation Survey (CIS) which is coordinated by Eurostat and carried out in all EU member states and associated countries has been a rich source of data for many research projects that seek to investigate firms’ innovation activities. Innovation in the CIS is, according to the Oslo Manual of the OECD, categorized as product, […]

Industrial funding discourages researchers to be open

Together with my colleagues Dirk Czarnitzki (KU Leuven), Maikel Pellens (ZEW Mannheim) and Andy Toole (US Patent and Trademark Office), I have recently looked into the relationship between the degree to which a university scientist’s research is funded by research and his or her commitment to open science. We have investigated this issue in two […]